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  • Are you or someone you love living your life with anxiety and stress and can't seem to resolve  this on your own no matter what you try?


Over the last 20 years creating positive change has been Miranda's passion.

Implementing her tried and true techniques in her own business and personal life to manifest a sense of balance with the chaos that can  effect us on a daily basis.

Having immersed herself into the healing arts, what Miranda found was that her empath and intuitive abilities were strongly guiding her and showing her the imbalances within herself and other people and animals that she observed.

Through study and continuing education she has refined her abilities and uses them to create positive health outcomes for her clients wether they be of the two legged or four legged kind.

If we can create harmony and balance between the body mind and spirit ,negative imbalances that were once holding us back can be resolved and every system of the individual will work at its optimal state therefore releasing old stressful patterns and physical ailments and moving us forward.


Miranda has acquired many skills along her journey , she loves sharing her experience and tools with her clients to support them on their way to a more fulfilling balanced life.

Miranda charges $95 per hour  so depending on the length of time needed ,she offers Skype phone and home visits.

Travel will be charged depending on the distance for animals and  home visits.




"Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes"

Miranda Boardman

Healing facilitator empowering change


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