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Establishing boundaries



"Miranda taught me to respect my boundaries and how to enforce professional boundaries when working with my clients.


She has also helped me re-establish my NES practice and helped me structure my work-life balance.


On a personal note, she has supported me through a difficult time and pregnancy, & helped me to re-connect with my baby when I lost all hope of a viable pregnancy.


My relationship with my baby is happy and healthy, as is my bundle of joy."


Marissa Brincat

"Miranda changed the way I perceived life."


I had unconsciously carried around a lot of pain and mental anguish from my past.Issues relating to my mother and my own mothering skills.Miranda used her gifts to ease me through the pain,recognise it and then dissipate it.


I am also incredibly grateful for the work Miranda did on my teenage son.I truly believe that Miranda was instrumental in guiding my son through a traumatic time and helping him to start his journey to maturity and manhood.


Every consultation with Miranda is totally unique,as she fine tunes her remarkable gifts to ones needs in that moment.

There are no quick fixes to anything in life, but Miranda has been a huge piece of the jigsaw puzzle of life for me and my family.


Michele Dickson


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