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Intuitive  guidance and facilitation
Have you been stuck on an issue and just wished that you could have insight to help you through the decision making process?
Do you need clarity on a situation that has more control over your life than you do?
In my support session's we get the shovel and dig that crap out so you finally get clear on what, and whom is holding you back!
 You will walk away with tools and systems to use, which will prevent this happening time and time again!
When you are ready to commit to yourself and make changes that will help you to feel more empowered in control and at ease with this chaotic world, 
  Then book a time to discuss how working with me can contribute to greater possibilities in your life .
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$95 per hour
Miranda's clear seeing abilities will help you to unravel what it is that you haven't been able to see, be that on a personal or professional level. Miranda will support you to create solutions to contribute to your journey.
International Skype or phone consults available. Perfect for the time-poor person.
 Connect from anywhere in the world, a unique approach to resolving your situation.
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