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"Miranda offers a holistic approach to resolving long-term stress and blocks that are holding you back from the life you want to live."


Hi fellow seeker ,

My name is Miranda Boardman and like many of you I have made my way through this world bumping into many walls along the way. Being born as a sensitive spirit was never going to be an easy path but it is so worth it to live my life with eyes wide open and hungry to experience and learn everything that I can about this world and the beings that live on it.

My career path has been an interesting one as I have a strong business background being born into a very entrepreneurial family, so naturally I have dabbled in sales and customer relations since I was very young.I started my first business at the age of 21 and since then have had a taste of running my own show.I have always been passionate about helping people, whether it be for  business or their personal life I was always being asked for advice and intuitively have always been able to know the best way to contribute the information needed. 

So as I worked on developing myself as an intuitive health practitioner I have been exposed to many modalities and any that have worked for me to resolve longterm stress and physical ailments I have studied and integrated into my approach .


 My passion is developing and creating lasting changes so you can create and maintain optimal health and wellbeing while you help your own clients , releasing the limitations that are holding you back, be that emotional, spiritual or physical.

 For 20 years I have  researched and studied ancient and modern modalities to help with the disconnect that revved so loudly in my own mind and body.

With modern life getting faster and more disconnected we are finding it more difficult to ground or anchor ourselves and our bodies are screaming at us to just slow down, but the pressure of keeping up sometimes makes coping nearly impossible.

We seek a "pop a pill" fix only to find there is no pill to fix our own internal chaos, the many rights of passage that would have once been our initiation into the adult world has been lost in modern life and we have been left with little or no natural support mechanisms to cope.

What I have found through practical application of many ancient and modern tools is we have the ability to restore a natural state of balance within our own mind and body and this on its own has created dramatic changes in my own life and the lives of many of my clients and fellow practitioners.

Those depressive thoughts and ailments have slowly disappeared and the sleepless nights are few and far between, I have begun to understand that we all have these senses and abilities that we have ignored and shut down from misunderstanding them, or being told that we are too sensitive.


Throughout this  process I  have developed  tools and strategies to get you going in the right direction for you to take charge of yourself and your life.


I invite you to drop your limitations and take a step forward into new possibilities  Together, we can create your own road map to a more balanced, lighter life.   

                                                                         x M


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